June 7, 2016, Duane Putzier consumed 16-ounce can of Coke,  you might be wondering why is this news everyone drinks coke but for Duane’s case it wasn’t in any coke Duane found a surprise awaiting for him inside the coke. What’s the surprise you might you ask A DEAD MOUSE!!!! He claims he felt an object ‘shift toward the opening’ of the can as he was finishing the drink. and claims that he missed 60 hours of work, accumulated $1,000 in medical bills after becoming ill from the allegedly mouse-infested.  Duane sued Coco Cola under a new South Dakota law that allows certain cases to be handled more quickly, called “expedited civil action”. Under the law, each side is restricted to one witness and six hours. Coca-Cola is alleging that if the mouse were in fact bottled inside the can, which was consumed by Putzier six weeks after bottling, then it would have been in a more advanced stage of decomposition. It had fur. It had blood on its nose. It’s limbs were intact. There was very minor decomposition.’  said Brian Johnson HOW DIDN”T HE FEEL OR TASTE IT???? Putzier is seeking $2,026, plus any general damages proven at trial. Some people speculate that the mouse was in Putzier car and it crawled in to the coke when he wasn´t looking and it wasn´t in the coke when he got it. If Putzier wins the case it would ruin Coca Cola´s reputation and it would drop their sales.