What has our values come to if we value beauty over hard working people? If you take a look in the media were talking about what Kim Kardashian´s babies name is or how we make trends to look ¨beautiful¨. Are we really that concerned about beauty that you could be famous for it. We as humans should not have these people in the media and as role models. What happens if a little girl looks at Kylie Jenner and says she wants to be naturally pretty like her. What she does not know is that she is wearing makeup, has had surgery, and there is photo correction. What happens if we all look up to them and we see only this beauty. Everyone is beautiful in there own ways but if we grow to lean towards makeup and a perfect body we all know what happens to those that don´t fit the standard. I have been told because I don´t have a perfect tan or nice legs that they would consider me okay. Is this what we want children to go through just because there different. Everyone is beautiful some people just need more experience to see it.