In suburban Denver, 8 people were injured by a school shooting. It has been stated that the shots were fired on the middle school side of the k-12 school. It happened on May 7th at around two o’clock. The reason why this is related to our school is because what if it was our school? Are we prepared? And if not, what can the school do to protect the students and anyone on the compass. This makes wonder how important school drills are, and I believe they are important. So to all the kids reading this story do not mess around during the drills.

What do students think about this? Well, Holden Hungerford said,”Sometimes I get scared that there is going to be a school shooting here because a lot of school shootings are occurring right now” Alyssa Hernandez said, “I do fear that a school shooting could occur, but I believe that I would be safe at Griffiths.” Do you think we are safe? I do.