Llamas save the day?

         Scientists believe that a cure for the flu may be coming from llamas. Even though they have fuzzy coats and nice eyes llamas also have a hidden feature which may have just been discovered by scientists which is a cure for the flu. They make antibodies so small that they are able to fit in the crevices of the flu.

This can be a very important discovery as the flu claimed at least 360,000  lives last year and will continue to take more if we do not do nothing to stop it.

They got a little sample of the flu and inserted it into llamas to see how they’re bodies would react, after investigating they found that the llamas were creating a antibody which was able to fill in the cracks of the flu creating basically a shield which helped stop the flu from going into the llamas body. This experiment is still going on so for now this is all the information we have.