Flying cars have been a fantasy of the future for decades, but they are becoming a reality. The self flying taxis will be available by July. The flying taxis aren’t much of a taxi, they are drones that propel themselves and a single passenger to their destination. The drones can reach speeds from 31, up to 99 miles per hour.  The taxis are also programmed to prevent from taking off in bad weather conditions. The taxis are capable of flying for 25 minutes, with loads as heavy as 220 pounds. But know they have been modified to drive 5 minutes longer and hold 40 more pounds. The city plans to make a full 25 percent of its travel autonomous by the year 2030. The taxis are produced in China and are part of a plan called, the EHANG 184. The city is all about the travel of the future and will possibly release a hyperloop system. The future is here now.

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