On February 14, 2019 us Griffiths students had a school assembly and we had a special guest. Her name was Wendy Welt, a quadriplegic. Wendy came to our school for character counts week. She explained all the different obstacles that she went through. Wendy learned to do things on her own because she thought that even though she was different she didn’t want to be treated differently from others. Some things she learned were to cook, do her own makeup, walk, drive, etc. Wendy would always try and look on the positive side instead of the negative side. Wendy was brave her whole life and didn’t let things get in her way. She didn’t let anyone stop her from living her best life.  Although being very courageous, she struggled with doing her hair, going to the restroom, and even going to bed. For example, she explained that she would always fall on her face doing simple tasks. Although she was born without limbs she still did stuff a normal person would do. Wendy was very happy with the way she would always keep her head up.