About 2 weeks ago on January 22nd Emiliano Sala went missing as he was traveling over to his new club Cardiff city from FC Nantes. Him and pilot David Ibbotson took off on the journey, when the plane was near Guernsey it suddenly disappeared off the radar. A three-day search went on until authorities called it off due to weather conditions. This was when the family of the footballer felt matters needed to be taken into their own hands so along with the help of other footballers like Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and N’golo Kante they raised over 330,000 thousand dollars to help fund a private search in hopes of finding the footballer.

The crashed plane has now been located at the bottom of a sea bed about 200 feet below the surface and although it has not been identified there was a body visible through the windows of the plane. Shipwreck hunter David Mearns located the plane using a machine that is sent down to the bottom and is able to display what is down there. He and his crew will now be working on trying to retrieve the plane but most importantly they will try to get the body out as the main priority.

Emiliano Sala has now been found at the bottom of the crash site in an ocean sea bed. The body was discovered and authorities had to remove the body from the plane to take it to an autopsy as the body was unrecognizable and the following day it was confirmed that the body found did belong to the soccer star. Although one body has been recovered pilot David Ibbotson’s body is still yet to be found. This is a very sad tragedy that has occurred and our condolence’s go out to the pilot and footballers family