This tragic event took place on Tuesday, May 7th, 2019, at 3.23pm. This event occurred when Devon Erickson arrived too class late and started talking to the teacher. Once he was done talking to the teacher, he walked back out to close the classroom door. When Devon went to sit down he pulled out a gun from his guitar case. Devon told everyone not to move but Kendrick Castillo, 18,  didn’t follow his so-called orders, he lunged at him and tried to subdue him. After Kendrick lunged at him three other students tried subduing the shooter as well and they did. But when was trying to subdue him, the shooter shot him. Unfortunately, he did not survive. One of Kendrick´s classmates said that Kendrick gave them enough time to hide.  All of his classmates and teachers say Kendrick is a hero and he will never be forgotten in suburban Denver.