The Time Of The Turkey

    Looks like we’re in the month of fall where we give thanks and give. Thanksgiving is a national holiday where mostly everyone celebrates.There isn’t gonna be a thanksgiving party or mostly a celebration due to covid. But there could be many ways that people are going to do thanksgiving like for example my sisters are going to go to my moms side of the family in Mexico for thanksgiving. One thing to make sure of is that if you are going out to a party or family dinner just sanitize and keep your mask on for safety reasons.What my friend said was that she was just going to stay home and have dinner with her family, also that she won’t be inviting people due to covid. What a safe way to also celebrate is by maybe facetime your family and friends.       


   Also talking about thanksgiving there are many types of meals that people make on the day of thanksgiving. For example the Germans eat certain things like purple cabbage braised with bacon which is a tangy.In Texas some people eat fried chicken instead of turkey.Also with New England they eat hasty pudding which is something I have never heard of. There are different things that people have but one thing that should be important is being thankful for what you have.


  In thanksgiving it isn’t just waiting for the food there are many activities that kids and adults can do. There is a game like pin the donkey which really brings joy to many kids. If there aren’t any games then play hide and seek or even charades to bring more excitement. Some people think that thanksgiving is just to talk and eat but with activities it makes it funnier.You can also do arts and craft, which if you don’t then put music and play musical chairs. Also one exciting thing is that you can bake or even cook but with parental supervision. 


Those things about Thanksgiving can be useful to many people or even kids. There is Covid but it won’t stop us from many things to do in Thanksgiving  .I hope all of you a good and safe Thanksgiving.