Coronavirus is something that has affected most people’s lives. In November of 2020, California was put into the purple tier, which is certainly not a good thing for us.

California being put back into the purple tier will affect restaurants, work places, and school. People will start having to work from home or stop going to work altogether, while students will most likely stay learning at home.

As you know, GMS has been talking about how students might be going back to school in January. Since we are now in the purple tier, I highly doubt kids will be going back to school. It would be unsafe for kids to go back to school with Covid cases rising, this would cause more Covid cases and more deaths due to Covid. 

There is some good news, a vaccine has recently been made, it is a Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. They did a study to see if it would work,  it worked on 90% of people who have Covid. The Moderna vaccine has worked on 94.5% people. They said the UK will have five million doses by the spring and that it is given in two doses four weeks apart. The vaccines will take a while to get to other countries, and it might take a while for it to be released for everyone to get, but this is a step away from this pandemic.