Fun and Safe Things To Do Over Quarantine

                                      By: Elisa Munoz and Cyani Rodriguez

 Over this past year we’ve been stuck at home and I think I can speak for everyone when I say it’s been a very “different” experience, aka boring. Before quarantine we could hang out with friends or enjoy a nice walk, but now we’re forced to stay inside. Even though we can’t go outside we can still be safe and have fun indoors. 

 One thing you can do is get off your device and spend time with your family or pets. We can all say that we haven’t done much but stay in bed and watch Netflix. You can play board games or even a puzzle. Playing games with your family is a great way to pass time and come closer together.

 Another thing you can do indoors is create a fun craft. You can use things in your house that can be recycled or anything in particular. The possibilities are endless, you can make a rocket ship or a flower. You can have fun with the design and make it yours. Once you’re done you can give it to someone else as a gift and stay connected with them.

 Baking is a really fun way to make time go by during these seemingly endless days in quarantine. You can bake by yourself or with family members. There are many baked goods to choose from like the infamous brownie, cake, cupcake, cookies, and many more. After your masterpiece is complete you can decorate it however you want and share it with others. 

 Even though this school year started a little shaky we can still make it fun with activities like board games, arts and crafts, and baking. Staying home 24/7 is different compared to what we’re used to, but we can take this time to bond with our family while remembering to stay safe and stay home.