It has come to the end of the year and for 8th graders it will be their last year here at Griffiths Middle School.  Here comes High School it been waiting on you forever and its finally here.  There were a lot of memories you’ve made in these 3 years.  The most awkward years of trying to fit in and trying to find out who you are in a way, making new friends and maybe losing some, but hopefully they were still fun years to you and you enjoyed them because now these years are over.  It’s time to promote!

Promotion is June 1st at 8:15 am, so make sure you get plenty of rest so girls can get pretty and boys can look fresh.  Bring your family to support you and cheer you on.  Be happy for everyone and show everyone the same amount of love.  This is a big day and don’t let anything or anyone ruin it.  After promotion, you can go straight home or celebrate while everyone else is stuck in school! Anyways, besides all the fun 8th graders have fun in high school and make them your best 4 years of school.  Keep up your good grades and work and DON’T BE LAZY.  Do your work and have fun, but make sure school always comes before you extra activities like parties, dances, and friend, always stay focused.  We are proud of you guys.  Congratulations 8th graders!