By: Caeleb V. 4/28/17


So, if you haven’t heard already Nintendo is releasing a new handheld console. Some of you are probably like, “Didn’t just release the Switch?” or “Really? another DS console.” So it is expected to be the successor to the 2DS, and many fans are already agreeing. From door wedge to a slim beauty the “new 2DS XL” (That’s what Nintendo is calling it) is such a big step up from the original 2DS

 According to Nintendo, it will be releasing on July 28th, 2017, retail price starting at $149.99. So far we only know of two colors black/blue and white/orange, which both look stunning. Many people are really digging this because of its cheap price compared to the new 3DS XL (It’s a $50 price difference for 3D) and its slim look. It has everything from the new 3DS XL, except the 3D slider and a few design tweaks. And yes, it has a audio jack (I’m looking at you Apple). Just like the new 3DS it does have full amiibo support and functionality. Nintendo claims “fast processing power” and it has a library of great games, obviously only playable in 2D. Below is the trailer that Nintendo released for it.

And  that is pretty much it, not a lot is known about it yet, so we hope that Nintendo releases some more news on it. Except, they’re releasing a Japan exclusive Dragon Quest limited edition new 2DS LL (LL = XL in Japan) for around $200, that is most likely not coming to America. Well, hopefully the DS lineup will keep getting better and Nintendo will keep surprising us just like this.
Here is Nintendo’s website to look at the new 2DS XL