In California many people think the state should break away from the United States and become itś own country. One reason being that California has problems, but California can fix them by itself and not wait for a federal government 3,000 miles away from the state. Jed Wheeler and Ruiz Evans highly agree and said California is better off as it´s own country. Evans is a government advisor and is now working full time on the “Calexit’’ campaign. His group is called “Yes California’’, pushing a ballot measure to put the question to voters in 2018. Evans needs a certain amount of signatures required to be put on a voting ballot. Many people say this ballot is likely to fall if it even gets to a voting ballot. The supporters of the ballot have until July 25, to collect nearly 600,000 signatures to place it for voters of November 2018. The group has yet to get a quarter of the amount of signatures needed. Evans has stated that the signatures were engaging thousands of volunteers in 82 groups across the state. People think this whole issue started because of anti trump feelings and national media coverage. Most people in California are liberal and and go against much of what President Donald Trump stands for. “Wheeler worker’’ works for the California National Party. Many ideas are similar to the group “Yes California’’ like how they believe that the state should keep more money when sending it out to the National Government in Washington D.C. They also believe that the state should establish its own laws on issues such as immigration and health care. After reading this story what do you think should be done about California, should a stay together in America or, should it be its own nation.