The Asian Hornet also known as the “killer Hornet” has been spotted around the U.S. The insect was documented to have first appeared in the State of Washington, Researchers can´t clearly confirm how they arrived some say they probably got in through packages during cargo shipments. It is considered the 2nd most painful insect sting in the world according to Coyote Peterson. Even if you are not allergic anywhere from at least 50 or fewer stings can cause death. Currently, it is reported that in Japan around 30 to 50 people die each year because of the sting. One important thing to watch out for was given to beekeepers because they need to be aware of the hornet.  The Hornet can attack the European honey bees and affect the production of honey as they haven’t formed a defense against the hornet.  If you ever happen to spot one of the Asian Hornets don’t try to catch it or approach it, remain at a safe distance and take a picture and confirm that it’s an actual Asian Hornet with animal – vector control agencies.  If you are ever stung by this type of known insect get immediate medical attention.