By Delaney A

Starting with this New Year 2021, people may be having tough times coming up with positive goals, and resolutions. Some people’s year turns out negative because they have any goals to achieve, or resolutions to start. 


People can pick goals from wanting to read more to wanting to lose 100lbs. People make goals for numerous different reasons. They make them to better their life, add positive things to their mind, or to even just give themselves something to do for that year. 


I interviewed two 7th graders from Griffiths Middle School. “The most important thing I have on my New Year’s resolutions list is to better my grades. This is because having A’s in all my classes would improve my life, and my knowledge,” says the first 7th grader. “For my New Year’s resolutions, I would like to lose weight. To do this I can pay attention in my PE class, and maybe go for walks here and there,” says the other 7th grader. 


Several people always stick with the same resolutions. For many years the top ten New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, get organized, learn a new skill or hobby, live life to the fullest, save more money / spend less money, quit smoking, spend more time with family and friends, travel more, and read more. 


A lot of people choose these goals because they’re some everyday things that if you change could affect your whole life in a positive manner.



When people choose these goals and resolutions they most likely always achieve it, and feel good about themselves. If you want to learn more about goals and resolutions for the New Year you can check out more information online, or at the library.