Top 5 Good Things About Distance Learning

By: Elisa Muñoz

 This new school year has really taken a toll on everyone including students and staff, but have people just been looking at distance learning the wrong way? Many positives come out of learning from home and some people might not see that, which is why I would like to share my top 5 good things about distance learning!

 During this tough time keeping others safe by staying home is a big help. Staying home instead of going to school reduces the chances of others getting sick significantly.

  Distance learning also gives you more time with each class everyday. Even though our days are shorter at home compared to school we still get a lot of time with our teachers and the new mandatory intervention adds to that time as well, So if you have any questions or concerns you can easily contact your teacher by popping back into the zoom during your class time or emailing them. 

  Communication is key especially in a time like this so through canvas you can easily ask your teacher any questions because your education is imp[ortant to them so don’t feel embarrassed to ask for help.

  With the shorter zooms you have much more time to finish assignments compared to when we were in school because you spend most of your time in class, but now you have both class and independent time in one school day to easily get your assignments finished on time. 

  Throughout your life you’ll realize organization is a big help and makes things much easier. When having your own device and having every document digital it’s easier to keep track of everything like homework assignments and study guides. 

  Learning from home throughout the school year brings 5 major positives to light that we either took for granted or just never experienced. Staying home means being safe, more class time, an easy way to communicate with others, more time to finish assignments, and staying organized.