We are now starting off a new year so that means there must be new styles in 2021. It seems that there are trendy looks on social media these days. Due to the pandemic it still doesn’t stop people from showing off their styles. There are many ways that people like to dress out like being comfy or stylish. Type of people get this fit from websites like Pinterest, which shows different ways to dress. One thing is that people like to show others their outfits to inspire them on social media. Now it’s time to see what are the most famous looks that are now blowing up in 2021.


2021 has some different styles trending so one popular style this year is ripped jeans with oversized t-shirts and fitted hats. Most girls do this style. This style began on Tik Tok and a lot of girls do it now, sometimes they will switch it up and add a chain, fitted t-shirt, or they will put their fitted hat backwards. Also a new thing to do with the fitted hat is have lids write your name on the side of it/ a date / or your friends name too.


Another popular style in 2021 is an indie outfit. These outfits have lots of different colors and designs. This style came back and turned into a new trend. It started on Tik Tok and now lots of people want to try out these beautiful vibrant outfits. It’s a simple but cute outfit and all you need are mom jeans with a crop top or graphic t-shirt that has different colors and designs. You can also add some accessories like hair clips, necklaces, baguette bags, and anything colorful. 


 The beginning of  2021 will be something with a new style in it. An important thing is that fashion is how well the clothes fit you. There are many stores that you can do online shopping like Zara or Fashion Nova which are really good clothing brands. Lots of people don’t know how to style but there are many things on the media that can help you with that. Many people put effort on their clothing or even try to get the clothing to match how they want it to. This year is going to be different than before because now there’s going to be a different and beautiful style.